Actual data required

Municipalities and provinces see the bicycle as a solution to the growing problems in the areas of health, environment and climate, as well as to the problem that there is less and less space within cities. In addition to stimulating the use of the bicycle, they have the task of increasing accessibility by creating, maintaining and expanding an optimal and safe bicycle path network. In order to take the right decisions, they need reliable data about cycling behaviour and the cycling flows of the inhabitants in their region.

Data about the use of cycle paths can be collected in various ways. Multisensors notices that governments are particularly interested in the use of cycle paths during peak hours, when large groups of vehicles use the cycle path at different speeds. These are the moments when the risk of unsafe situations is greatest.

With the development of the Signum, Multisensors has focused on achieving measurements with an accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours. The Multisensors Signum generates actual and accurate data of vehicles on cycle paths without any application of algorithms.

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