Accurately measure mobility?

Bicycle counter

To make it clear to cycle path users what exactly the Signum does, the name Bicycle Counter has been introduced. This name clearly describes what the device does and is considered very friendly.

However, it is important to note that the Signum is not only capable of measuring bicycle mobility, but can also measure pedestrian mobility. MultiSensors also offers air quality measuring equipment, with which air quality can be monitored in real-time. Our systems provide over 95% accuracy, even during peak hours, without the need for algorithms. This provides you with immediate insight into how many vehicles are driving in which direction, at what speed and at what time, as well as the air quality at the location.

Several national and international municipalities now use our system.

Curious if a bike counter is the solution for your organization?

In our whitepaper, you will find a comprehensive data analysis and the experiences of all our customers.

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