The Signum is called the Fietsteller for the bike path user. That is the Dutch word for ‘Bicycle Counter’.

When we first installed Signums in Rotterdam, users on the bike path stopped to ask what it was. People were afraid that the Signum was a camera that, like a traffic cam, monitored the speed travelled and recorded violations. They of course did not want to start getting traffic tickets. Probably not entirely coincidentally, the first to ask this question was the driver of a speeding scooter. Even after that, bike path users e-mailed and called us regularly about the Signum. For the bike path user, the name Signum means nothing.

In order to make it clear to bike path users what the Signum is, we introduced the name Bicycle Counter. That name immediately makes it clear what the device does, and people are not intimidated by it.

We have now installed a ‘Fietsteller’ sign on the pole of every installed Signum. In addition, the housing of the Signum has a ‘Fietsteller’ sticker with a QR code. The code leads the user, upon scanning, to the website. Here is clearly stated that the Signum does not collect any visual material: it only measures data on how many vehicles are riding at what speed at what time in which direction. The website also explains why this is done.

On the Fietsteller signs, we have left space for a sticker from the municipality where the Signums are placed.

This achieves two things: we, Multisensors, explain that it is a Bicycle Counter hanging there, and the municipality refers to the local cycling policy with the information on the sticker. We have also created a ‘Fietsteller’ Facebook page, where we provide information about the Bicycle Counter. We also point out the cycling policy of the municipality on this page.

Fietsteller Signum
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