Bycicle Counter

At MultiSensors, we are committed to developing innovative solutions aimed at ensuring a safe, efficient, and transparent future for all bicycle path users. With the introduction of our widely discussed Signum, also known as the “Bycicle Counter”, we have not only enriched a range of bike and footpaths but also initiated a conversation about technology, privacy, and urban planning.

Privacy & Data In the wake of curiosity and community concerns during the initial implementation of the Signums, we at MultiSensors have embraced a commitment to transparency and communication. Each Signum is therefore equipped with an informative “Fietsteller” (i.e.”Bycicle Counter”) sign and a QR code that leads to a clear explanation on our website,, about how the devices register anonymous data, such as vehicle counts and speeds, without compromising privacy. The Signums only measure data like how many vehicles or pedestrians, at what speed, at what time, and in which direction they are traveling.

We also make the “Bycicle Counter” signs available to municipalities to communicate their information or bicycle policy.

Our Products

  • Signum
    A contactless bike counting system, Signum delivers essential data about bicycle traffic with >90% accuracy
  • i-Signum
    Goes a step beyond Signum by connecting detected bike data to a traffic control platform, optimizing flow through smart traffic lights.
  • i-Signum +
    Enhances the i-Signum by providing permanent bike counts and automatic data uploads to the NDW. A comprehensive solution for advanced bicycle traffic analysis.

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Fietsteller Signum
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