Need for short-term bicycle counting

26 October 2020

The bicycle is the focus of interest. Due to the increasing hustle and bustle in inner cities and on access roads, combined with new forms of cycling such as e-bike and speed pedelec, people are cycling more and more. The increasingly busy cycle paths require their own traffic management and an expansion of the cycle path network.

In order to tailor policies precisely to the actual daily use of bicycle paths, municipalities and provinces need accurate actual bicycle data and preferably from multiple locations. A permanent bicycle measuring system has been installed at various measuring locations. In addition, governments use field workers who perform manual bike counts for a short period of a few hours in order to generate some cycling data at other locations.

The demand for such temporary location measurements is growing. In addition to the need for insight into bicycle data from multiple locations, for example, a rerouting and the consequences for the hustle and bustle on the bicycle path can be a reason for a brief measurement. Or municipalities want short-term bicycle counting to combine generated bicycle data across multiple locations with available floating data.

The Signum is a semi-permanent solution and can easily be used at any desired location for a short period of time. In this way, actual data can be collected 24/7 regarding the number of vehicles on the cycle path, the direction of cycling, speeds and times with an accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours.

Would you like to know more about our solution?
Would you like to know more about our solution?


Tour de Force government initiative

Local governments, interest groups and companies will use this project to look at how they can make cycling more attractive, especially in and around cities. They will also work together to find smart solutions to the associated problems.

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