More cycling and fewer cars contribute to climate and energy goals, have a positive effect on air quality, make a city greener, quieter, healthier and safer. In addition, a bicycle takes up little space. The bicycle can therefore be the solution to the growing problems in the areas of nature, environment and climate, as well as to the problem that there is less and less space in the inner cities.

Multisensors enables governments to collect the necessary reliable actual data about cycling behaviour on cycle paths.

More and more busy cycle paths and an increasing number of types of vehicles with a variety of speeds using cycle paths – such as e-bikes, cargo bikes, racing bikes and speed-pedelecs – make cycle paths unsafe. Reconstruction and expansion of the cycle path network can provide the solution. This requires data about the use of cycle paths: where is it too crowded and too dangerous at what times? In order to arrive at an efficient and effective mobility plan, it is necessary that the data on which governments base their enlargement plans are real, accurate and reliable.

Maximum flexibility and the ability to use state-of-the-art products and services without having to purchase them. A total package that you can use monthly. You are flexible and completely supported. Multisensors ensures that the Signums are active, maintained and perform optimally 24/7.

Multisensors works according to strict guidelines with regard to quality control. Each Signum is only put into use once the radar has successfully passed all tests at the quality department of the production company.

You can view and download the data collected by means of a web-based interface in report form, download CSV files and manage your data and locations yourself at any time from behind your desk or via a tablet.