With Signum, you can generate data to answer questions such as:

  • how many bikes are in a given direction, for specific period (hours, days, weeks, months);
  • Identify traffic density during peak traffic hours;
  • Establish based on their speed, how many bikes, e-bikes and mopeds use the bike path.

Signum measures the actual data of vehicles on cycle paths without making use of algorithms or estimates.

Signum is a contactless bicycle counter measuring system that generates the precise number of vehicles on the cycle path without the use of algorithms. We achieve an accuracy of more than 95% even during peak hours.

No noise from other vehicles

Signum can be adjusted in a very targeted manner thereby avoiding impaired data quality at the measurement location.

Semi-permanent application

Signum allows you to conduct bicycle traffic counts at a variety of (semi-)permanent bicycle counter locations.

Sustainable energy supply

By default Signum installations are powered by solar panels.


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